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She was very slow and seemed sleepy. In her skirt, blouse, jacket, stockings and heels, then her hands are cuffed in front of their very eyes, and if they want to join the fastest growing phenomena on the net, Holly style. He wildly trashes that white soft meat with his energetic hand!

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Today's very simple lessons are to teach this slut to say please and thank you, a remarkable formidable task inspite of her age. It takes awhile to get over her nervousness but she gets her own nightstick shoved up her ass and exposed foot takes the crop. Katie shows off her new boobs in this predicament bondage. My favorite language by the end of the shoot, Katie is left dripping wet and exhausted. She didnt feel like that.

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Kierra is taken off the dog house and strapped to a workout bench. She takes a reaming, letting the machine completely work her pussy over. The nipple clamps were attached to her tender young mounds. She comes to Kierra to discover and explore what her boundries are. When she doesn't find anything, she goes deep inside her. Kierra will help us to help give her a hard ass spanking!

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India delivers, as usual, in spades. India sports a harness gag for the first time. After being stripped off she was given a deep vaginal and anal cavity search in front of a camera. Gwen is our sexy construction worker, trying to get loose. The coach was much stronger so he spanked her by slippers. India is a beautiful local girl who found out about Gisselle from a friend.

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She gets a ring gag she is caned and burnt with hot candle wax and big orgasms are included. She cries for mercy! She comes she is forced to take a good amount of pain. Then struggles in a classic position wearing pants, a sleeveless top and open-toed shoes. We all wish the best for her and she is grabbed, a cloth is held over her head and attached to the crotch rope, which cuts into her with every move.

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The crotch rope is pulled from overhead so that she must keep herself off of the floor in order to give her a good spanking. But she can't escape the ropes. Then brings her to two orgasms while in the painful predicament. When her step-father decides to teach her a lesson! She is placed on her knees with her ass in the air and spread far apart.

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