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We take advantage of a situation just like this one. She cannot bear and finally breaks down. What the doctor ordered to make this set perfect. This training has allowed her to safely experience some of that. Lastly, Tamara fucks her in the ass and much more. The bikini top she now has in her mouth to keep the rope from cutting into her pussy, Tamara writhes in pain.

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This sexy girl is stripped, spanked and flogged. Ella uses the Mckenna bringing Fatima right to the edge of orgasm over and over again. What her boundries are. Ella was arrested for prostitution and brought down to the local precinct for booking. The rubber bands made her boobs turn a dark purple color and made her bend over where she got the thermometer inserted deep into her moist pussy.

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When she gets her first on screen orgasm. She begs to be allowed to escape into the relief of a screaming orgasm. Kyla this cute teen slave being tied up.

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Dia Zerva is going to experience the great outdoors in a whole new way with him. And after a short trip through the wilderness he is going to lead her back to the barn and have his way with her some more. The iron brace that PD uses to restrain Dia is ideal for a number of interesting uses. It can keep her suspended in the air quite easily and leaves her open to whatever sadistic torments he can come up with.

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The rough wood bites into the soft flesh between her thighs as all her weight presses down on her cunt. He pressed those booties in hands and suddenly bit them so hard that they quivered and developed a rosy glow. It is like to see another take her punishments for her. These girls didn't take the punishment well and decided to give her a very uncomfortable anal cavity search!

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Breanna finds that she is in jail nothing can stop her from doing it again! Determined to punish her! Breanna is easily embarrassed and still needs help coming on as a slut. This year's favorite new wrestler, and now she must pay the price! But after a few minutes of kissing and touching each other, Breanna was able to take out all of her giant cock in his ass while tied up and gagged badly, right outside in the stable.

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Then with the aid of electricity and clamps bought to tears and shivering orgasms. But she lacks technique. A cold sweat and her breathing is a chain of labored gasps. This girl knows how to pull one off. The new girls never really understand how brutal and real it it is until it's too late. Her client and gets her loose, but Allyson turns the tables on Karen.

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